Long Beach/Los Angeles California

Company Information

K. P. Fitter & Associates
1601 Pier "D" Street, Suite # 3
Long Beach, CA 90802

Telephone (562) 951-0799
Facsimile (562) 951-8660

E-mail: KFitter@.aol.com

A Closely Held Corporation - Four Staff Surveyors
Capt. Khush Fitter, CMS - Principal Surveyor, Capt. William Francisco,
Capt. V istasp Patel, Capt. Ravindra Varma


Established in 1991, K.P. Fitter & Associates provides a variety of services to insurance underwriters, cargo shippers, marine vessel owners, foreign governments, cargo inspections for bulk/general carriers and pre-shipment inspection for loose cargo/containers.

The company also works very closely with the United States Coast Guard (West Coast) in dealing with all current security and safety issues on vessels of various Flags & Class whose countries the company represents. The firm currently has a full time qualified staff consisting of ex-Master Mariners (Foreign Going with extensive seagoing experience on various types of ocean going vessel, including qualifications and experience in marine

K.P. Fitter & Associates is fully authorized/certified and qualified for all services that are rendered ranging from licensing of floating staff, safety procedures, ISPS Certification, Class Certifications, vessel's cargo holds suitability of all bulk cargo carriage and mixed steel scrap cargo quality/quantity surveys including hull & machinery survey & pre-shipment inspections.


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