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This will introduce the reader to NAUTICUS Cargo Surveyors and Marine Consultants in Oakland, California. In addition to Cargo and other Maritime damage surveys, this office also has extensive experience in Load and Stow Surveys, Project Cargo Surveys and can also be of service in these areas. The Principal Surveyor's Resume, as well as the Company Brochure will provide further details of the survey experience in this office.

The Owner/Principal Surveyor holds professional memberships in various organizations including the The Network of Independent Marine Surveyors (N.I.M.S.) and is also a Certified ISO 9000/ISM Auditor.

NAUTICUS Cargo Surveyors and Marine Consultants has been able to successfully assist Cargo Underwriters and Cargo Interests in the two undernoted major areas of concern.

  1. Cargo damage and claims services
  2. Cargo damage/loss control services
From its inception, NAUTICUS Cargo Surveyors and Marine Consultants has been developing a network of marine surveyors within the United States as well as internationally. Not only do we attend on survey assignments in our geographical area (Northern California), we also, at the request of underwriters or cargo interest, attend for survey anywhere within the United States or foreign.

At the request of a marine claims adjustor and/or marine underwriter, NAUTICUS will appoint a surveyor anywhere within the United States or foreign, follow through and obtain all necessary documents and reports and, once received, submit same to claims adjustor and/or underwriter.

The claims adjustor and/or underwriter will be kept regularly advised of the progress of the case, but will be relieved of the time-consuming burden of following up by way of correspondence, facsimile, e-mail and/or telephone communications.

Furthermore, the claims adjustor and/or underwriter will now only need to communicate with NAUTICUS who will, on their behalf, undertake all communications, compile necessary documents and issue final reports.

In addition to twenty-seven (27) years of cargo survey experience, the principal surveyor also has in excess of twenty-one (21) years experience in cargo damage/loss control surveys during which time cargo loss control services were provided to the insurance industry as well as cargo interests.

Our cargo loss control services include the preparation, packaging, loading, blocking, bracing and securing of large, heavy and/or high-valued shipments and equipment related to electronics, computers, oil refineries, factories, K.D. buildings, mining, rolling equipment, aircraft, construction, etc., and for all modes of transportation such as ocean (including heavy lift, roll-on/roll-off and submergible vessels) ocean barges, air, rail, container and truck.

In addition we examine/evaluate manufactured goods, their packaging and preparation for shipment, the shipping documents as well as the warehousing, security, handling, shipping and receiving of these products. Of course, the objective of the Loss Control Survey/Study is to combat cargo damages or losses, including theft, while the cargo is in storage and/or transit. The List of Loss Control Clients will provide a good indication of the various areas of our expertise in this area.

NAUTICUS contracts the services of consultants in various fields of expertise. A list of consultants is supplied as a courtesy to provide both details and the various expertise they bring to the profession.

In 1996 the Principal Surveyor was invited as a speaker on a Seminar organized by the "Association of Marine Underwriters of San Francisco", and in 1998 as a speaker on a Seminar/Convention held in San Francisco by the "National Association of Marine Surveyors" (N.A.M.S.), which Seminars were attended by professionals in the Insurance Industry throughout the United States as well as foreign. The text of these speeches, as well as several articles written by this surveyor, are available for your review.

From these articles and speeches you will note that we of the opinion that Cargo Loss Control is not restricted to a single type loss experience, but should include all known categories of losses and for all modes of transportation, including logistics, as well as environmental exposures at the country of origin, while in transit and country of destination.

Attached you will find a Survey Request Form which can be used for a request for survey anywhere within the United Sates or Foreign. Of course any further details of the survey request will be discussed by us with the applicant for survey, prior to the actual survey attendance(s).

This office is the Casualty Correspondent US West Coast for Lloyd's of London Press Ltd.

If you have any questions regarding NAUTICUS' services, we would appreciate your contacting us either by telephone at (510-986-0277), fax at (510-986-0276), or via e-mail (at, at which time we will be able to discuss same in greater detail. If you wish to write to us, our address is NAUTICUS, LLC, 111 Broadway, Suite #100, Oakland, California, 94607-3730.

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